July 6, 2014
Passage: Genesis 24:58-67, Romans 7:15-25, Matthew11:25-30

Marriage is a spiritual and physical union of two, a male and female coming together in a complementary, creative and purposeful way. Marriage as an institution of God, and must be done in God’s time. Adam had everything in the world he could possibly need, but there was a loneliness, an emptiness in Him. That is when God created Eve to be with Adam.

Waiting on the right person is not easy but do not rush and act foolishly because people are watching you. Marriage must be done in God’s power (John 2:1-11). It must be done according to his standard, there must be a leave and cleave, marriage is between a man and woman and not two of the same sex.

May God help us to choose the right person to accomplish His marriage institution.

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