February 10, 2019
Passage: Matthew 11: 16-19
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Every community that we find everywhere in the world is made up of six generations.

We have the;
1. Traditional generation (1922-1945)
2. The Baby-boomers (1946-1964
3. Generation X (1965 – 1984
4. Generation Y (Mid 80s –mid 2000s)
5. Generation Z (1990s-2010)
6. Alpha Generation (Those born after 2010)

When we talk about the younger generation, we are referring to those who fall into the category of Generation X to the Alpha Generation. Every Church needs this generation but we need to understand that, these people were born into the era of computers, cell phones, smartphones, and these gadgets have become part and parcel of them.

Because they are so emotionally attached to the internet and connected to their gadgets, they always want to have their laptops, mobile phones and other such gadgets with them. Accordingly, a visit to their rooms will show several electrical wires and scattered all over the place whenever their cell phones are not working, they suffer from a disease call NOMOPHOBIA (No mobile Phone phobia).

That generation will go whatever length to get access to a mobile phone so if they don’t have it they have a problem. Such people have very little time for the bible. They are a generation that is used to watching images on the screens, the television appears to be their best gadgets in addition to spending much time on their phones, such people have very much become addicted to TV and therefore have paraphrase Psalm 23 to read as follows; “The television is my shepherd; I shall not want. It makes me to lie down in my sofa, It leads away from my faith. It destroys my soul. It leads in the paths of sex and violence for the sponsor’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow Christian responsibility, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; its cable and remote control they comfort me. It prepares a commercial for me in the presence of my worldliness. It anoints my hand with humanism and consumerism. My obsession runneth over. Surely laziness and ignorance shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house watching television forever”.

This generation has become addicted to the TV and other electronic devices and so have little time for the Bible. The church must find innovative ways to bring the Bible to the doorsteps of these generations. The church must understand some of the vocabulary and language that these young ones use.

Anyone who desires to reach out to this segment of the society should know that they (youth) do not like the lecture or classroom type of teaching. They prefer the use of images as well as effective participation in the learning process.

The church will have to develop a relationship model in order to effectively reach out to them. The study of the Bible has suffered greatly because these younger generations do not have time to study the Bible regularly and no time to meditate on the word

Such people develop their Christian life based on the sermons they hear as such churches must evolve innovative ways of preaching the unadulterated word of God.

Because the younger generation prefers images and screens:
• Churches and Christians families must find ways of having daily Bible studies
• Ensure correct interpretation and application of scripture so that the youth can imbibe the lessons contained in the Bible.
• The church will have to consider having Bible quizzes at all levels.
• Parents will have to be encouraged to give copies of the Bible as gifts on birthday and Christmas to their children as presents to encourage them to read them.
• Encourage families to have regular family devotions so the youth can take part.
• Encourage public reading of the Bible in church and in the community.
• At the national level, Christian community must collaborate to place the Bible in the hands of the young generation and also encourage them to read them.

If we do not do that as a nation, we are not likely to be able to nurture the young generation and bring them up as prescribed by the Bible.

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