March 16, 2014
Passage: Galatians 5:22-23, Daniel 1:8

In life we have a choice to make, whoever we are and where ever we find ourselves we are faced with a choice. As Christians our choices are more critical to our walk with God, our lives become the choices we make, in other words our lives is the result of what choices we make in our day to day lives.

In the Bible, there was a young man called Daniel who made a choice that made his life exemplary. Note that the bible states that Daniel “Purposed” in His Heart…. When he made a choice for God, he made a choice to obey God’s word and as a result Daniel’s life did not only impact his generation. In our generation today, decades after his death, Daniel’s life is still impacting the lives of so many young people.

Take a moment to ask yourself this question; “what have you PURPOSED in your heart?”

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