August 10, 2014
Passage: Genesis 37:12-28, Romans 10:5-15, Matthew 14:22-33

What is faith?

We can find out what faith is from Hebrews 11:1 (Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen). Faith is saying yes to the Lord. Hope is an assurance, A good expectation.

We must make sure we pray no matter how heavy our schedules. Take note, when you DO NOT pray something happens but when you DO  pray, something exceptional and wonderful really happens.  Jesus says we should not be afraid at all. We must remember that God is the Alpha and Omega. The disciples, when the storm came were looking at the crisis they were faced with and not the Christ. Jesus says He is with us. He says we should come unto Him.

When Jesus called Peter, He (Peter) responded with great faith at the beginning as he walked on the water. But Peter, after a while, began to look at the waters and started sinking. He lost his focus which was Christ and looked at the situation around him, not believing that he as human as he was, could walk on water. His faith decreased and that caused his sinking. May we not look at the waters surrounding us and focus on our Lord in Jesus' name.

Peter, though sinking realized his situation and cried out to Jesus for help saying, "Lord! Save me!" Yes indeed our Lord Jesus is here to save us, provided we cry out to him, lest we fall. He is ready to save us if only we are able to open our eyes and realize the situation we are in.

Blind Bartimeaus, though couldn't see Jesus, saw Him with his heart. He cried out to him for help despite his blindness and heeded not to the crowd. His faith made him gain his sight and indeed he was saved. We do not have to see to believe. Remember, we live by faith and not by sight.

There was once a woman who had lost so much blood due to her bleeding for 10 good years. She was so weak but still gathered all the strength she had left, and touched the hem of our Lord Jesus' garment. She touched it believing that she would be healed and indeed she was healed instantly. Oh Halleluyah. The faith of this woman made a well.
Look to the Lord Jesus for help and do not look at the crisis around you. God is bigger than all problems we may be facing. May the Lord help us realize that we in Him are bigger than any problem. Stretch forth your hands today and touch the hem of our Lord's garment and by faith all crisis you may be facing will fall.

Remember, David did not look at how great Goliath was, neither did he look at the sword and spears he possessed. But he proclaimed with his tongue and by faith that he would defeat Goliath and yes he did. We must always make sure we tame our tongue in every situation we find ourselves because it is our greatest treasure.

As you go about life's course today, keep in mind that, Jesus is using your crisis as a staircase for you to hold on to great success.


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