January 25, 2015
Passage: Matt 5:13

When Jesus told His disciples that you are the salt of the earth, He meant something more than the culinary properties of salt. During the earthly mission of Christ, the highest paid job was being a soldier in the army. There are two legends: one says a percentage of the soldiers’ salary was given in salt and the other says, the soldier was provided with all he needed but he was given money to go and buy his own salt (sal in Latin). Whichever one you select, salt was an important commodity at that time.

In Africa about the same time, men, fit enough to be in the army, travelled for months to the coast to buy salt. In the future mind of Jesus, he knew the importance of salt to the Ghanaian youth: the youth who go to Libya through the desert add salt to their water so that they will not drink all at once in order to last longer on the desert.

It could be seen from the above narratives that Jesus implied that they are so valuable and precious that they do not have to debase themselves.

But Jesus went on to say that if salt loses its taste, it will be of no value, it will be thrown and men will trample on it. Does salt lose its taste? It happened in Jesus time. In those days, salt was one of the variables used in starting fire as it could produce sparks and ignite flames.   The saline content in the ashes was also used as a weedicide and was therefore collected and thrown on foot paths to be trampled on by men. At that point, it could be said that the salt was no longer of anyvalue, it had lost its taste.

This meansthat we can also lose our taste. There are examples in the Bible of men who lost their taste and their eventual value. They include the sons of Eli, Moses, King Saul and Judas Iscariot. These men deliberately acted in a manner contrary to the definite instructions of God.  Weare warned against that in Heb 10:6.

In order to maintain your value in our walk with the Lord, take note of the following:

  • Never doubt for a moment that the Lord will come back and judge the world Acts 17:31
  • Never think that you can hide anything forever Psm 18:15; Lk 12:2
  • Never forget that judgment will be an  individual affair Rom 13 : 12
  • Remember that you are in the Garden of Eden everywhere, everyday.

As you walk with the Lord, remember that the Lord said: ‘all things are possible’, it does not necessarily mean that everything will be ‘positively possible’. If God could sanction and watch all that happened to Job, then ‘all thingsare possible’ indeed.

In conclusion, in order not to be unduly ruffled as you walk with the Lord, have this mentality: Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. AMEN

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