September 28, 2014
Passage: Philippians 2:1-13, Matthew 21:23-32

Persisting is a skill or anything that can help you achieve a goal or get what you desire. Jesus had not been born into levitical priesthood. But Jesus did not allow anything to distract Him but He persisted to the end. He knew where He was going and where He wanted to reach. Conditioning your mind is the same as persisting in one direction. You can not say you have accepted Christ as your personal saviour and do what you want. You will account for everything you do. Your life must conform to His standards.


  • Persist and continue
  • Persist and continue in Christ.
  • Jesus said it is finished, so whatever is  your problem, it will pass away.
  • Ignore persisting attack (Nehemiah  7:13)
  • You can make a mistake but you can not fail
  • You need the power of God to the end.
  • It is hard to move forward if you do not know where you are  going. Be focused and God will be with you. God has a plan for you. Success is achieved with persistence in what you believe. The world has nothing for us but God has a lot for us. Depend on God and rely on his mercy. In times of trials and spiritual oppression, maintain your obedience.
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