October 4, 2020
Passage: Luke 13: 6 – 9
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God expects us to be productive and get results. God compares His people with fruit trees that must "bear much fruit.” We must continue to grow in Christ and bear fruit until the end of our lives.

The parable tells us that God expects us to bear fruit. But it also shows that God will not give up on us as long as there is still hope that we will bear fruit.

Israel had been unfaithful and worthless to God, like a fig tree that never produced fruit. God had been patient, but now He was giving the nation one last chance to repent and accept the Messiah. If the people persisted in their stubbornness, judgment would fall upon them. God desires beautiful and desirable fruit, the fruit of good works and service.

In the parable, the owner of the vineyard shows that He is a very patient person. He had come every year for three consecutive years, expecting to find fruit.

He did not expect a lot of fruit, so he did not have high expectations, but was disappointed every time. ln general, this teaches that God is long-suffering with those believers who do not produce the fruit of service to Him.

How many times has God come to many of us seeking fruit, but found none? The fig tree not only failed to bring forth fruit, but it took up space that could be used by a good tree.

The Caretaker / Vinedresser intercedes for the tree and asked his master for a reprieve. He asks, "Lord, let it alone this year also. "We can only thank Jesus, the great Intercessor that barren trees are not cut down immediately. If it had not been for Christ's work on our behalf, the whole world would have been cut down when Adam sinned. We are all guilty of sin, but we may obtain a reprieve through the intercession of Christ.

When we genuinely repent and begin living for God, the fruit will be born in our lives that will soon be evident to all. Likewise, a failure to repent and live for God will show a lack of fruit, equally evident. The presence or absence of fruit in the lives of God’s people is an important issue in God's Word.

In Matthew 3: 10, we learn that "Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire."

Also Psalm 1 : 3 says "He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season...."

The Biblical issue of fruit-bearing and the principles put forth in this parable also apply to the Church. They concern you and me. Since God owns the world and everything in it and He also owns each one of us,

He has every right to expect anything He chooses in our lives. Believers are God's fig tree and therefore must be different. We are purposely planted in a vineyard, to enjoy better soil.

The Vineyard Keeper - Jesus Christ, watches over us and take care of us.

He fertilises us and waters us during the hottest periods of our Christian life. God had put His chosen people in a favoured position and lavished special care on us.

We have the Word of God in abundance through, radio, television, print, cassette, CDs, computer, and others all around us. Does it not follow that when the owner of the vineyard invests so much in us, that there should be much fruit?

God is looking for fruits in our lives. If He does not find it in our lives according to the passage, He will cut us down. Our lives are going to be examined by God and there is going to be an outcome.

He will either be satisfied or dissatisfied. What would be the verdict on you, if He called in right now?

Would He find fruits or not? It would be terrifying to imagine God say to you, “cut it down, it is not even worth space it takes up in the church."

If any of us have lived a fruitless life since being baptized up to date, let us realise that what we are experiencing is God's patience, not His indifference. Besides, producing fruit in life is a process, it is not something we do in a day or two only, it needs to be worked at regularly.

This fruit takes a lifetime to mature. Remember, Christ has interceded for us and continues to do so. But that intercession is not so we can continue to do nothing about God's expectation of fruit from us. We need to take stock of our lives.

Now we are all in that Probationary period. Christ, the Vineyard Keeper has made intercession for us. He did not do that to grant us more time to do nothing for God. He expects us to use the time we have remaining to produce fruit in our lives.

The fruitless tree will be cut off and cast into the fire! Then what kind of fruit does God expects of us?

In Galatians 5: 22 – 23, the bible says "But the fruit of the Spirit is; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control."

Stay healthy and strong spiritually, keep growing and bearing much fruits for Christ, God being your helper!!

Finally, for each of us, the time is surely coming when we shall have nothing but only God. Health, wealth, friends and hiding places will all be swept away and we shall have only God. It will be a tragedy indeed to come to the place where we have no other but God and find that we had not been faithful to God at all during the days of our earthly sojourn.


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