September 11, 2016
Passage: Psalm 51:1-10, 1 Timothy 1:12-17, Luke 15:1-10
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There is Joy in heaven when one sinner repents. If someone offends us a Christians, Jesus Christ is asking us to behave like his father who is always on the look out for his own to rescue them. God always accounts for us and reaches out to us with the sole objective of giving us a second chance.

"God will always take steps to ensure that he reaches out to us and that is the message I want to leave with the Hope Congregation as I go on transfer".
Let us remember that like Paul said in 1 Timothy 1:12 " And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry"

The fact that I am a Minister of the Gospel does not make me perfect or more superior than you. The fact that you were /are a Presbyter or you have any appointment or position does not make you more superior than your neighbour.
The fact that someone have sinned does not change the value that God places on that person. God values the lost sheep so he goes after them if they go astray.
If God will go after them, he does so using so many means. Like David who offended God, God reached out to him through the ministry of the Prophet Nathan and at the end of the day David wrote Psalm 51.

So yes, if someone goes wrong, we may discipline the person but the discipline is just a tool to restore and not to condemn. It is not meant to cast out the person from our midst. It is a tool meant for correction and according to our constitution, it must be administered with LOVE.

Beloved, if we can do this, then the joy that Luke spoke of that "when a sinner repents, there is great joy in heaven", I can assure you that that joy will manifest itself in our midst.

The parable of the lost sheep teaches us that there are those who out of 'foolishness' may go astray ignorantly from the things of God which also offends God. Even that, like the lost sheep, God is calling on us to go after the person and bring him/her back to the fold.

Like the lost coin, there are those who out of carelessness get lost. God is telling us to be humble enough and go after those ones. If it means apologising, let us humble ourselves and do that to bring the person back. Nothing should bring separation. We must also learn to repent if something has embittered us.

Let me assure you that "there is no better fellowship anywhere. Just repent and come back to the Lord and let us worship together". Anytime someone sins and you allow God to help you lift that person up, you have enhanced your chances of survival because the one you help today could be the person to lift you up when you also fall.

Let us stand for each other.


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