March 6, 2016
Passage: 1 Timothy 3:1-14

Presbyters are part of the corporate culture of the church. 1 Timothy 3 tells us that the elder must be above reproach- which means it must be very difficult to find fault with that person. It also says that the person must be married to only one person. The person must also be temperate, self-controlled and respectable. These are all traits that go beyond 'face value'. You must be considered respectable wherever you find yourself- home, work, school and church.

An elder of the church must be hospitable, opening his doors to everyone who needs help. An elder must be able to teach other people in the faith. The bible also says that the person must not be a drunkard (not given to too much wine) An elder must not be violent but gentle- a person with great self-control. That person must not be quarrelsome. An elder must not be a lover of money. The person must also be able to manage his family well- bringing up his children in the fear of the Lord.

The elder must not be a recent convert. The person must be mature in the faith and not given to pride because of this position. The person must be of a good reputation, wherever he finds himself. The elder must have a high sense of calling. In Exodus, Jethro told Moses to select capable men to take care of tens, hundreds and thousands of Israelites.

The presbyter in summary must be FAT (Faithful, Available and Trustworthy).

Centrality of the word of God, discipline, hard work and  moral uprightness are among the character traits that the Presbyterian Church of Ghana wishes to be seen in its members. As we look amongst ourselves to find church elders that meet God's requirements, may these traits be found in us.

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