October 1, 2020
Passage: Psalm 80: 1 - 4
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This theme is a prayer of desperation! It is the prayer of people who were once used to having God's presence and God's power in every step of their lives. It is the prayer of one out of touch with God.

If you are struggling today, remember that you have survived everything you have gone through up to this point. Be strong now, because things will get better. It might be cloudy, but it cannot rain forever.

Beloved in the Lord, we may not understand why the Lord let grief and sorrow hit us, but we do know that the Lord is always there to hear our prayers, to forgive our sins, to hear our cries for mercy, and to give us the help we need.?

The Psalmist knew this that was why he prayed the prayer in this Psalm. He knew that, God would hear and help. And we should have the same assurance from God, the same promises we can rely on and more.

What is the basis for the confidence that the Lord will hear our prayers? It is based on how He has acted in the past, what He has already done for His people, and the promises He has made.

Are you facing a storm in your life? Do you feel battered and torn by life's storm?
Do you feel like you have not seen daylight for many days? Do you feel like your dreams will never come true? Don't give up! God does everything just right and on time, but people can never completely understand what He is doing.

Beloved in the Lord, we have suffered lots of losses this year, especially related to COVID – 19. Maybe, we lost our loved ones, or job opportunities, marriages, our joy and our overall sense of peace. COVID - 19 has indeed brought sorrow to many.

But while we can and should mourn losses, we should not dwell on them. Dwelling on losses does not change that a loss has occurred. Remember, if we are too stuck to the negative or too concerned about the future, we will miss the positives and the possibilities of the present.

All we can control is what we do today. Efforts to keep things together now will pay off when things are able to resume later.

Right now, we should be in a, "keep things together" posture more than a "loss of hope" posture. I am praying and asking God to restore us as we were many months ago, and even better than that. I am asking God to speak positive things into our minds about the things we are anxious about, to give us strength to give our best effort and the wisdom to know what is the best course of action to take.

Now, any honest person will tell you that you cannot rewind the clock. It is impossible, inadvisable and therefore inappropriate to wish for. In all these, the Lord has been favorable to us for more than we deserve. God's deliverance will definitely come our way.

Sometimes, we become preoccupied with problems when we should be looking for opportunities. Beloved in the Lord, the day is coming and is going to be soonest when Christ will wipe every bit of the COVID - 19, and other uncomfortable situation from among us.

Then we will be free and sing songs of praise unto the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ! Psalm 126:5 - "Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy."

1. Gracious Lord, strengthen me in all things, and may everything l do bring glory to your name. Help me in the name of JESUS!

2. Lord, complete every good work you have begun in me. Do not leave me alone, but finish everything that concerns me in the name of JESUS!

3. Almighty God, cause me to please you in all things, and may l be fruitful in every good work, in the name of JESUS!

4. Lord, if my name and that of my family are written on any satanic altar, l call the fire of God to erase and destroy such altars in the name of JESUS!

5. All hindrances of my progress be destroyed in the name of JESUS!

6. Whatever the enemy may throw at me, my family, my marriage, my job, my ministry, Lord, restore and give me protection in the name of JESUS!

7. Lord, restore my spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear wondrous things from above, in the name of JESUS!

8. Dear Lord, cover my family and I with the shadow of your hand and be our defence and refuge, in the name of JESUS!

9. Because of JESUS, I am free, my family is free, our past challenges are over, We receive restoration in the name of JESUS!

10. Now Lord, by the power of the Holy Spirit, l decree and declare that all that l

Have said this month's declaration; let them be so, in the name of JESUS! The peace of the Highest God shall locate you and your entire family.

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