June 29, 2014
Passage: Genesis 22:1-14, Romans 6:12-23, Matthew 10:40-42

Sacrificial life was the theme Christ gave to His disciples when He sent them out in pairs. The Apostles gave up everything they had to follow the Lord. Brethren, Christ has called us into His intimate fellowship, and in this fellowship He demands our total attention, commitment and self-denial.

In following Christ there is a great reward (Matthew 10). Christ tells us to take our cross daily to follow him, making Christ first in all things, honouring Him with our whole lives. Abraham had his whole life in Isaac, when he was asked to sacrifice His son, but His trust in the Lord caused him to deny Himself by agreeing to sacrifice His only son (Genesis 22).

The Lord tells us to be of good cheer for he cares for us. So why do you then oppose God’s instructions in our lives? His perfect will can never harm us. What are you offering to the Lord, your life, your business? We need to learn to walk with Christ in all aspects of our lives, this we can only do by walking in the spirit, constantly feeding our souls with the word of God.

Christ, warns us that by walking with Him “we will be sheep in the mist of wolves” but advices us to be wise - by having the mind of God, wisdom which is a gift of God - and be harmless as a dove.

Our’s is to believe Him and His is to guide and protect us, Christ cannot fail at that. Stand firm in the Lord.

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