December 25, 2019
Passage: John 14 : 27

Several parts of the world today are in war, because there is no peace. This is causing a lot of havoc to some nations, destroying their hard-earned investments.

Apart from that, some natural disasters like; earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, tsunamis, etc, have brought about a lot of worries and pain to humanity. Investments of nations, families, as well as individuals have suffered devastation.

These were investments built up through years of toil and suffering. Yet in a few seconds or minutes, they are gone.

Some could be built back or replaced, whiles others are not easily replaced, except through long years and the accompanying financial implications. These happen through natural disasters.

But unfortunately, and sadly, some Christians, in their quest to celebrating Christmas, create, invent, or generate for themselves, artificial disasters, that earns up ruining their spiritual investments, they have built up in their lives time as believers.

What do I mean? In this Christmas celebration which had started already, some Christian youth are bent on fornicating in the name of celebrating Christmas. Some of them through giving away Christmas parcels, will be using them as bait to trap especially innocent ladies to sinning. So ladies, be wise!

Some married couples are also going to cheat on one another through adultery, all in the name of celebrating Christmas. And other Christians are going to drink their heads off, because they are celebrating Christmas.

And through all these actions, those Christians are going to crumble their hard-built spiritual walls (investments). They would then lose their positions in the Lord forever, whiles others would not be able to replace or rebuild what had been destroyed through these reckless actions.

Therefore, be careful how you celebrate Christmas, celebrate it JESUS' way!! Remember, Jesus may return during this period. Do not equate having fun your own way during this Christmas with righteousness. Watch out!!!

Beloved in the Lord, Jesus Christ is our peace!

In the Old Testament, (OT) peace (Hebrew-Shalom, Greek-eirene), included a range of ideas, such as completeness, wholeness and well-being. The New Testament though using the Greek word (eirene), for &peace,& retained the breadth of ideas found in the OT and so gave the word a richer meaning.

According to the Hebrews' understanding, peace was a state of well-being that included good health, prosperity, contentment, security and harmonious relationships.

The greetings of "Peace" with which people greeted each other was both an enquiry after and a wish for a person's well-being. Since peace was often linked with the blessings of God, it became linked also with God's salvation. When

God's prophets warned the OT Israelites of certain judgement if they continued in their sin, false prophets comforted the rebellious people with false assurance of salvation. But there could be no salvation, no peace, for the wicked (Isa.48:22).

No matter what expressions of salvation people of OT times experienced, the fulness of salvation awaited the coming of JESUS CHRIST, the Prince of Peace (Isa. 9:6).

The peace He brought is an everlasting peace. It is available to all people now and will reach its fullest expression at the end of the age.

This complete restoration to peace, fullness, wholeness and well-being is possible only because Jesus, by His death, dealt with the cause of the world's trouble, sin.

He bore God's judgement on sin, so that the divine hostility against sin might be removed and repentant sinners might have peace with God.

When people, through God's grace, have peace with God, they also have peace with one another. They become members of the Kingdom of God, where all disharmony and injustice are removed, whether in matters of race, age, sex or status. Christians

Christians must do all they can to help people, in general, to live together peacefully. Not only do Christians have peace with God through Christ, they also have the peace of God through Christ.

That peace does not mean that they will have a trouble-free life. Rather, it means that they now enjoy a state of spiritual wholeness and well- being that gives them strength and calmness even in the midst of suffering and trials.

Peace is so pleasing to God that the godly are enjoined to seek it diligently.

Peace is a comprehensive and valued gift from God. The purpose of Christ's coming into the world was to bring spiritual peace with God.

The Gospel is the Gospel of peace. Christ is our peace. Paul indicated that our peace with God is made through Jesus Christ (Rom. 5:1). God the Father is the God of Peace.

So, we see that the birth of JESUS CHRIST was the most amazing and extraordinary event ever to happen to the world.

I wish you the peace of God, SHALOM!


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