May 29, 2016
Passage: Luke 7:1-10
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Both in the Old and New Testament, people have tried to reach authorities or even God through other people. Joseph tried to reach Pharoah through a fellow released prisoners and for two years, the released prisoner forgot or was unable to speak to the King until God Himself intervened (Gen 40-41). In the New Testament, a group of Greeks wanted to speak to Jesus through Philip and it did not work (Jn12:22).

However, we have examples of persons who made their way to Jesus directly and had their request met instantly. Examples are the woman with the issue of blood (Matt 9:20), the blind man Bartimeaus (Lk 18:35f) and the soldier who asked Jesus not to come to his house because he did not merit that but just Him to speak from wherever he is standing and the boy will be healed (Lk 7:1-10). And it worked, Psm. 107:20 came to pass.

The lesson to learn is that we do not need any intermediary to see Jesus, we have been saved by grace (Eph 2:8), the curtain at the temple got torn into two (Mk15: 38) and Jesus has made it clear that he has called us unto Himself (Jn 15:16). In all these, why do we want someone to present our case to Him, is it lack of trust or lack of understanding. In going to Christ, no agent is needed, speak to Him yourself.


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