July 24, 2016
Passage: Mark 10:13-16
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Wrong parenting destroys a family. As parents, we have failed to exercise authority to discipline our children. It ought not to be so with us as Christians. As parents, we are anointed parents to build our homes and nation through our parenting.

The anointed parent looks beyond the biological limitations. Your motherhood and fatherhood should go beyond your biological roles. We can do better for our children and raise them better if we perform our roles diligently and in the Lord. The home is the first contact as far as socialisation (education, training etc) is concern.

Children have more needs than money. The challenges of children go beyond just providing money. They face psychological, emotional, social and spiritual needs. My prayer is that as parents we will focus on raising children who will grow to know the Lord.

Parenting under anointing transcends generations. If we train our children well, they will grow under the anointing and they will transmit  that anointing to their children and their grandchildren.

Because of Eli’s poor parenting, Isreal was destroyed. The home in the sense of parenting determines the morality and spirituality of the State. The onus lies on us as Christians who are in the majority in Ghana. If we have a vision of changing Ghana, let's change the home as far as our style of parenting is concerned.

As parents, we must support of children both physically and spiritually.


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