February 22, 2015
Passage: Luke 2: 41-52

As parents, we need to play an active role in the spiritual development of our children. The effort and attention we invest in their academic growth should also be reflected in their spiritual growth. Be interested in what they learn at church, who teaches them, how much of it is reflected in their lives- and supplement it.

Most parents push their children to the background because 'their time to shine has not yet come'. In the ancient Roman empire, children, women, old people and the physically weak were considered burdens. Psychologists have stressed on the importance of a child's formative years.

Jesus found his way into the church because He was interested in learning more about God. Bear in mind that He is a child like any other; his parents looked for him among his friends and family. He chose the church because his parents had made it a part of their lives. Make church a part of your children's lives.

There are benefits from inculcating a child in the church. It promotes eternal happiness. It helps to counterbalance the influences of the world. It helps them to make sense out of life.

The primary responsibility of instructing children to grow in the ministry is for parents. The church only plays a supplementary role. Don't assume that what the church does is enough to raise your child in the Lord.

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