April 28, 2013
Passage: DEUTERONOMY 6:7-9

God's has given as an assignment as a family to be agents to be the driving force of life, to bring out what is hidden and to discover what has been covered.

The agency role of the family includes:
The family as a teacher
o The primary assignment of a family is to teach
o Teach them to accept that God has a purpose for everyone
o Teaching must start from the home

The family as a leader
• Discern into the inner life of the person
• Allow them freedom of expression
• Do not impose what you want

The family as a mentor
• Model the person
• Make the person somebody
• You should be their sign post(director and informer)

The family must unite in order to fulfill God’s assignment (unity between the parents; unity between the parents and the child/person). In unity, we combine forces to perform God’s given assignment

1. The inability of the family to discern
2. Other intruders (vs 4)
3. The personality of the child/person
4. The fear of working in vain (vs 3)
5. Remember, the Lord who has help others will help you (vs 8)

Just as Jesus prayed for believers so do I pray for you. May you receive divine wisdom of parenting. May your wife/husband be like a fruitful vine in the very heart of your house. May your children be like olive plant all around your table. It is well – SHALOM.

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