November 17, 2013

Love is that nature of God that produces Christ likeness in a believer. In Greek there are four words that explain Love:

  • “Eros”: this refers to king of deep desire, passionate and sensuous longing. It has a physical and sexual connotation to it.
  • “Storge” : the affection found in a family
  • “Philio” : brotherly affection
  • “Agape”: the unconditional affection of God expressed to human beings through Christ.

Love is not boastful, proud and rude, self-seeking easily angered and does not envy. Love is rather kind, patient, trusting, protective, and hopeful and does not keep record of wrong.  The following virtues demonstrate a service of Love in the Church, love serves gracefully, cares, motivates, unites, and energizes. Allow the Holy Spirit to bear the fruit of Love in your life.


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