May 3, 2015
Passage: Acts 12: 1-17

Beloved in Christ we thank God another month. Historians believe that the birthstone of May is the emerald, the ever living metal. Its rich green colour makes the gemstone so unique and because green represent life. Again, it’s believed that the emerald doesn’t only have some kind of healing properties; it also represents success and love.

I therefore pray that in this month of May, the blessing of God cause you to have divine success in whatever your hands may touch, if the rich green color represent life then may every dead area of your life receive resurrection in Jesus name. I pray and cancel all forms of setbacks, failures, depression, suppression, confusion and disappointment from your life.

Main Talk
When you read the bible carefully I’m very sure that you will come to a conclusion that God is full of surprises. Sometimes you read a story in the Bible then you ask yourself did this really happen? Are they not exaggerating? I own up that sometimes I feel that some of them are just too good to be true.

People of God, Bibles says that Herod had killed James and when he realized that he has got the approval of the Jews, he decided to please them the more by arresting Peter too. This was the principle on which he acted. It was not from a sense of right; it was not to do justice, or to protect the innocent; he was just trying to improve his rating “score more political points. He wanted vain glory.
Unfortunately he arrested Peter at a wrong time. It was Passover hence improper to engage in trail of a supposed criminal let alone sentencing one to death. Again during Passover people come from far and near to celebrate so he was afraid such move at that particular time may cause a mob action against him.
So he gave strict instructions that Peter should be kept in the prison under heavy security. But when all gates are locked there is a particular gate that is always opened. Let all the thrones on earth sentence you to death, I want to assure you that there is the throne in heaven which controls all thrones and that throne will set u free.

When Peter was in prison, the church was praying eagerly and God intervened by sending an angel straight to the prison to fetch Peter. If death couldn’t hold Jesus captive how much more mere chains, soldiers and Iron Gate. Peter like the community of faith were all shocked that (believers) they concluded that Rhoda was beside.

God watches over His word to be performed. He does what He says He will and not a jot of word will fail or delay, when the fullness of time comes, He will surely rescue. The fact that He allowed James to be killed doesn’t mean He could not rescue Peter. The fact that you think He has delayed doesn’t mean He won’t act. In fact He has not even delayed but you are rather being hasty. You are looking at your circumstances, hence have drawn a conclusion that it’s over – NO! Job (42:1-2) says “I know that you can do everything and that no purpose of yours can be withheld”. Nothing has the capacity to stop his plans. Peter was amazed at his release just like his prayer partners but He is the God of surprises. He would come in at time when you least expect.

The theologian F.F Bruce once said a man called Sunder Singh was arrested for preaching the gospel and was thrown into a well which was covered. In the well he saw bones of people who had died in there already but miraculously on the 3rd night he heard someone uncovering the well. A rope was lowered into it and a voice told him to hold it. He couldn’t do it with his hands because he injured his arm whilst falling into the well but somehow the rope had a loop so he put his foot into. He was raised out of the well but couldn’t find his saviour, the rescuer. In the morning he went back the same place he preached and was arrested to preach again so he was re-arrested then the official who arrested him said someone might have saved him. Because he is the only one he has the keys but when they looked for it, they found it in his own pocket.
Dear friends, God is still writing the book of Acts, he writes it every day in our lives, if you have not yet received your surprise package, May you receive yours now in Jesus name. Amen!


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