July 10, 2016
Passage: Luke 10:25-37
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We live in a world where crime is carefully organized and perfectly executed; hence emulating the good Samaritan has become dangerous. Many people are robbed and killed whilst trying to help others in the middle of the night. Sometimes, people pretend to be pregnant and needs help badly but they rob you the moment you go to their aid. But does it mean we will never assist those in need? Does it mean we will never help one other.?


Bible says a lawyer had visited Jesus with the sole aim of testing him so he asked “teacher what must I do to inherit eternal life? Then Jesus also asked him what is written in the law? The man recites it “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with your entire mind and all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Desirous of winning his case, he asked the Lord who then is my Neighbor? But this man didn’t know that Jesus was a Supreme Court judge who is smarter than him, so Jesus also tells him a parable about a man who was robbed and beaten in the middle of the road. But for a Good Samaritan he would have died, though earlier a priest and a Levite had left him to his fate.

I am sure many expected the two temple workers; the priest and the Levite to be compassionate enough but they thought about themselves first. The half dead man was a threat to their holiness because according to Mosaic laws they were not permitted to touch dead body unless a close relative (his mother/father/son/daughter/ brother, and his virgin sister). What baffles me is, these men were travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho and not Jericho to Jerusalem meaning they had closed from the church because the temple is in Jerusalem. Besides touching the victim (if dead) would not render them unholy for forever, but just for seven days after undergoing ritual cleansing. Many times we are like these two “Christians” we think about ourselves more than others, thereby becoming selfish and neglecting those in need. We are willing not to be inconvenienced at all but love that cost nothing, accomplishes nothing. If we claim to be Christians then we must be prepared to “suffer’ a little by sacrificing our time, money, etc for the sake of Christ. Mother Theresa says "The biggest disease today is not leprosy, or cancer. It's the feeling of being uncared for or unwanted, the feeling of being deserted and alone. The greatest evil is the lack of love and charity, and indifference toward one's neighbour who may be the victim of poverty or disease or exploited and at the end of his life left at a roadside"

The Samaritans were Jews who, after Israel had been defeated by the Babylonians, stayed behind and intermarried the Assyrians. So according to the so-called proper Jews Samaritans have polluted the purity of God's chosen people hence they hated them. In fact, if you really wanted to insult someone all you had to do was call him a Samaritan. That's why in John 8:48, the Pharisee called Jesus a Samaritan and a demon possessed. Yet it was a Samaritan who had the driving needs to rescue this victim from the grips of death. And to me, Jesus Christ is the Samaritan. He came down to our level to rescue, gave us comfort by binding our wounds, poured oil into it, took us in and paid our bill with his life. If Christ has shown us so much love then we have no excuses but to go out there to show love to all.  Amen.

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