October 20, 2013
Passage: Jeremiah 31:27-34, 2Timothy 3:15,4:1-5 Luke 18:1-8

Salvation is by faith through Jesus Christ alone. The bible alone is the authority in the church, and individual is to have access to the Bible and Christ.
You should know God as a personal God, and this is through reading the Bible. We should know somebody died for us and wash our sins away. Our God is a personal God, He is a person and He is knowable (Numbers12:8). He can be seen. He is holy, no one is like him in character. He is just, righteous and fair.

• God and the unjust judgment do not go the same way.
• Our God sees things differently from the way we see things.
• In times of difficulties, cry to God and He will deliver you.
• Have a transform mind when you are going to your God, He is the best friend you can ever have.
• He is the judge of the living and the dead.



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