December 15, 2019
Passage: Psalm 150: 1-6
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PRAISE is the expression of respect and gratitude as an act of worship. PRAISE is the expression of approval or admiration for someone or something. It is expressed verbally as well as by body language. Praising God is a Biblical command to all living creatures to praise the Lord (Ps.150:6).


Praising the Lord is not some kind of casual meaningless activity. There is power in Praise as captured in Psalm 150:1-6
1. We must praise God because of who he is. Ps. 150:1 challenges the worshipper to praise God in the sanctuary.

2. As Christians, we must praise God because of where He is. We live in the universe of God’s making. God lives beyond the universe and as a result, He knows more and is more powerful than we are.

3. We must praise God because He acts in history. God has acted in history. He created the world and acts in history for His people. He has done things that man could not do. Even in an age of technology, God still does miracles.

4. We praise God because of how He acts. God is powerful and uses all kinds of power at His disposal. He uses miracles of nature and miracles of circumstance to show His power.

5. We praise God because He made us His instruments of worship (Ps 150: 3-6). This is the how of praise. We are designed to praise and worship God. The psalmist challenges us to praise God with musical instruments.

Lift your hands to God in praise during worship.
Praise God through songs that glorify Him
Use art as a form of praise to make use of your God-given talents.
Read Scriptures that inspire you to praise God.
Praise God by sharing His goodness with others.

As Christians, we likely feel a sense of awe when we think about the power and greatness of God. Expressing those feelings is known as PRAISE. We can praise God directly or indirectly. PRAISE can be given anywhere and at any time as long as it comes from our hearts, we are good to give it.


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