March 29, 2013
Passage: Isaiah 53: 1-12, Hebrews 10:16-25, John 9: 1-6, 23-30

Today is GOOD FRIDAY. Also known as GREAT FRIDAY, HOLY FRIDAY or BLACK FRIDAY. It is the day Christians celebrate the death God, Christ the Messiah. God in His infinite wisdom took the initiative to save humankind from sin. God gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ for our sins. (1 John 4:9-10)

Christ had to suffer and die for two special attributes – (1) God is righteous and His justice demands that a penalty for sins and iniquities be paid for and (2) God is Love in which His grace decreed that a substitute could pay the penalty for sins and iniquities of human beings.

Manner of Suffering of Christ

Christ went through want (John 19:28). He was given a CROWN of THORNS for A CROWN (John 19:2). Jesus suffered shame (Matt 26:67a), rejection (Is 53:3a), humiliation (Matt 26:68), betrayal (Judas) and abuse (Is 53:7; John 19:1). Ultimately he was put to death on the cross

Special benefits of the Suffering and the Death of Christ

  1.  He suffered WANT so that we might have His ABUNDANCE.
  2.  He suffered SHAME to give us His FAME (From NOBODY to A SOMEBODY)
  3.  He took our PUNISHMENT to give His PEACE.
  4.  He was WOUNDED so that we will receive HEALING
  5.   He took our DEATH to give us His LIFE.
  6.   He took our POVERTY so as He will give us His PROSPERITY.
  7. He took our sins to be our INTERCESSOR.

As we celebrate Good Friday, let’s remember how our good Lord suffered to make us whole. He had to be broken down to build up. He suffered violence so that we could know peace of forgiveness and joy of salvation. His sacrifice proves how valuable we are to God. Amen!!

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