April 13, 2014
Passage: Isaiah 50: 4-9, Philippians 2:5-11, Matthew 27: 45-56

It happened some years/ time back when Jesus was coming to Jerusalem and every man and woman in Jerusalem that heard of Jesus came to meet Him in the streets, spread out their cloths for Jesus to walk on speaking in their native language ; Lord Save us now – Hosanna.

Jesus prayed to His Father in heaven to give Him the grace and joy to save the dying souls of men. Beloved Jesus is willing to save and deliver you from the oppression. His power can save us from all dangerous and harmful things. Jesus was victorious in all He did when he walked the earth, the earth shook, tombs opened, and the dead came back to life. Do not be myopic in what you want Jesus to deliver you from. Philippians 2:5 teaches us that Jesus had an attitude of obedience and humility; this should be our attitude to God and towards God’s work. Let the world testify of you and you testify of Jesus

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