January 20, 2019
Passage: John 2: 1-11

In the reading selected for today, Jesus used the occasion of a marriage ceremony to perform his first miracle. On this occasion, Jesus Christ manifested his power to ensure that the joy and blessings in marriage was manifested and kept intact.

As Christians, our obedience to Jesus Christ's command is very key. When we trust Christ with our petitions, we should always be ready to obey him. 

Just like Christ obeyed his mother and the servants also obeyed Jesus Christ by filling up the pots as instructed, there should not any reason why we should not obey Christ.

There would not have been any miracle had the servants not obeyed their master.

Again as Christians, we must know that there is joy in serving Christ. We should make it a part of life to tap into the joy that God gives by serving him.

We must learn to accept everything that Christ says even in the face of crisis. We may not understand but by simply obeying, Christ will grant us a good result.


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