September 14, 2014
Passage: Gen 50:15-21, Matt 18:21-35

Love, offences and forgiveness are bedfellows. Where there is love, there are always offences. But we forget to let in forgiveness. We mostly end all forms of relationships based on offences. But Jesus says we should forgive (70 times 7 ) times. I'm yet to meet anyone who has forgiven someone, exhausting that number of times.

Unforgiveness is a deadly poison. It is a poison used by the devil against God's children. It poisons us spiritually and also causes a lot of medical and health problems. Peter asked Jesus what he should do to someone who had sinned against him more than 7 times. Peter thought he could repay after the seven times of forgiving. But Jesus told him t forgive 70x7 times. Indirectly telling him vengeance is not necessary.

But Joseph forgave his brothers inspite of how badly he was treated by them due to the hatred they had for him. May God cause us to be more than Joseph, forgiving without limits even as He(Christ) did. Forgiveness helps us to pardon others. Forgiveness ceases to blame and hold resentments. Forgiveness is a very difficult task but we must remember that despite all our sins and transgressions, we have been forgiven by Jesus Christ Himself. The Bible says that before we pray, we must forgive anyone who has hurt us so that our father in heaven may forgive us also.

Forgiveness is an antidote to disharmony. It deprives the enemy a foothold in God's house. The Lord' s prayer even says and i quote, "and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Forgiveness must start with decision. It means making a conscious effort. When the decision is made, there must be dependence on the Holy Spirit. This is because the canal man cannot forgive easily. Depending on the Holy spirit means obedience to God and His word. When we forgive, it is done us an offering to God. It reconciles us with God and we get the healing we've so desired. Forgiveness brings victory over the enemy and gives us empowerment.

May God give us the strength that as we make the decision to forgive, depending on His Holy spirit and His word, we would be able to forgive without limits. Amen!!!

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