August 9, 2020
Passage: Numbers 21:4-9
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Total Health is God’s Gift. The Bible makes us understand that our body is a wonderful creation prepared by the Lord. In Psalm 139:13-14, the Bible tells us “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” hence total health involves our Body, Soul and Spirit. The Lord heals us in many ways (Divine and through His creation). Total Health is God’s Gift- Divine Healing.

In today’s passage, the Lord heals the Israelites by His Divine Power. He teaches us a principle: “Let your FOCUS be on me, and not on your sickness or weakness. Today, we focus on JESUS on the cross: On his Healing Power. Total Health is not possible without the “New Birth”

Total Health - Our Responsibility.
Firstly we have to be THANKFUL. In the passage read, the Israelites despised what they had, and complained about what they did not have.
We learnt that thankfulness changes the body’s systems and increases longevity. It also improves mental health and builds our resilience. Being thankful also boosts our immune system. Every day we must meditate on the Lord’s goodness in our life and remain thankful

Our Responsibility – FOOD
Secondly, we must watch what we eat and reduce the sugar on our diet. Increased Dietary sugar weakens the Immune System and can lead to diabetes and many other diseases (Risk for Covid-19)
Excessive intake of sugar can also increase the growth and spread of cancer cells and cause weight gain, and other complications

Take Action: Be mindful of your diet and reduce your sugar intake.
Thirdly, we must consume antioxidant-rich foods such as the dark green leaves: (Kontomire, Bokoboko, Ayoyo, Adem3). Again, we should eat fruits Oranges, Tangerines, watermelons (seeds high in Zinc). Vegetables are packed with antioxidants. Eg. Onions, carrot, etc. Garlic (Has anti-viral and antibiotic properties), Teas: Sobolo (hibiscus), Green tea …have powerful antioxidants, Beetroot are also good antioxidants
Take Action: Question what you are eating daily!

Our Responsibility – EXERCISE
Fourthly, we must take our exercises serious. 1 Timothy 4:8 tells us bodily exercise profits. It improves circulation and makes cells work efficiently. Habitual exercise improves the immune system, delays the onset of age-related dysfunction, and reduces the risk of respiratory tract Infection by 14-23%. It also reduces the risk of several other diseases.

Take Action: Start an Exercise plan that works for you!

Partnership with God
We need to work with God to build up our Health. It is even more critical in this period of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Faith in God’s healing power without taking action is Dead (James 4;17-18). Keep Trusting in the Lord and keep taking action.


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