May 31, 2020
Passage: Acts 17: 6
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In Acts 17, Paul and Silas had traveled to the city of Thessalonica to present the gospel. There was commotion thereafter and the only charge that they could have against them was that these were people who turned the community upside down wherever they went to and the people were not ready to entertain it.

In analyzing the history of evangelism, we will look at some personalities in the Bible who spent their time and efforts to ensure that the gospel is presented and preserve.

The first is Mary, the mother of Jesus. By the dawn of the birth of Jesus, some shepherds visited and said all the good things. The Bible said, in Luke 2:19, Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. She looked at the potential of her child and was convinced that He, Jesus had the potential to turn things around. Because of what Mary kept in her heart about Jesus Christ, Mary went to Christ directly and urged him to turn water into wine, because she knew the potential of Christ

As a Christian parent, look at children have the potential to become great and must strive to preserve it because God has a future for them.

Secondly, Jesus Christ at the age of 30 went to the chapel and picked the scroll to read and he read from Isaiah. Luke 4:18-19. The spirit of the Lord. Like Jesus Christ, every one of us have a particular verse in the bible that inspires us and easily refers to it in times of need. But Jesus also knew and believe hence appropriated the particular scripture to himself. As Martin Luther King Junior states that a life not examined is not worth living. You must know the purpose of your life on earth.

Romans 1:17 b tells us “The righteous will live by faith.” And when it comes to evangelism, what passage in the bible do you as a Christian know and rely on to pray and praise. Peter in Acts 4:19 was also convinced about the saving grace of the gospel and when he was surrounded by tribulation, turn to God and proclaimed the greatness of Christ.

Paul also on his way to Damascus met Christ and was convinced that nothing can separate him from the love of Christ. In Romans 8:35, he declared “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? In spite of all the conviction, we are confronted with challenges which threaten to turn us away from Christ but we must not relent.

Today we have many acceptable reasons to forget about Christ but that should not take our minds off spreading the gospel.

We are convinced about Christ hence our attendance to church and other religious activities hence we should have no excuse not to proclaim Christ.

If any one of us fails to proclaim Christ, it is not due to lack of knowledge but because we are not convinced. That should not be said of us. We have a duty to embark on evangelism, a duty we must go.

Evangelism is something we must do every day. We must know that as Christian we have been saved to serve and must go ahead to proclaim the gospel.

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