October 14, 2018
Passage: Mark 10:17-31, Hebrews 4:12-16

Wealth is any acquisition, be it money, car, house etc one acquires whether through good or bad means. Is wealth synonymous to unrighteousness? The answer is NO.

God is not against wealth, but interested in how we make it. At creation, God created man wealthy however, man disobedience caused him to lose everything.

What is the interest of God in our wealth? He is interested in how we make our wealth and what we use it for. God does not hate wealthy people rather God cares about how we utilise it. God motive about wealth is that as Christians, we are not of our own, so whatever we do, we should be mindful of our creator and seek to find out whether He is pleased with it or not.

In the Bible, a young man wanted to go to the Kingdom of God with his wealth, but he could not leave his riches and become poor to follow Christ. What are you doing with your wealth? How is wealth judging you? How is wealth pushing you to help others? We need wealth so we can expand the Kingdom of God. Whatever you have been blessed with (money/wisdom/knowledge), extend it to others.

God is the owner of wealth, go to him. Do not let your wealth push you to do what is unrighteous. Do not let your wealth prevent you from going to heaven, do not be a slave to your wealth but rather let God use you to bless others. Do not let your love for money push you to do things that are undesirable. Let the love of God flow within you and allow God to use you to answer people's prayer. Do not live for yourself because the wealth the master has stored up in heaven is more precious than this earthly wealth.

May we as Christian learn to create wealth which is genuine and also avail ourselves to support the kingdom business. When we do what we are supposed to do, God will never forsake us.


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