October 11, 2015
Passage: Mark 10:17-31

It must have been a spectacle to see a young man with that much wealth running towards Jesus. This gentleman had issues he wanted answers to. The first thing Jesus did was to take the glory off Himself and pointed him to God by questioning why he called him Good Teacher. Jesus reminded him to obey the commandments and sell his belongings. What Jesus wanted him to do was to relocate his heart. The Bible says that your heart will always be where your treasure is. His heart was centered on his wealth and so he left with a heavy heart. He came all the way to the presence of God but he left because he valued his wealth more than he valued the Kingdom of God.

God gives us wealth as a means to a particular end. We must not put our confidence in our belongings or our wealth. God gives us wealth to bless others with. We must not make a god out of the money God has blessed us with. God calls us to share what we have. God wants us to share our time with Him and the people we love. Today there are so many people who don't have time for their families. They don't have time for their wives, children, parents, etc. God also calls us to share our love with the people around us. He also wants us to be patient with the people around us. God has endowed us with knowledge and calls us to use it to the advantage of the society. There are some of us who have been blessed with wealth- people like that must be willing to share with others so that God will be glorified, not for our own honour or to show off. When we leave the things that we place value on for His sake, He will reward us with treasures in Heaven. Philippians 2 reminds us to emulate the example of Christ and seek the advancement of the kingdom of God.

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