August 3, 2014
Passage: Matthew 14:13-21, Psalm 106:1-2


(Matthew 14:1-12) You cannot question God on the things He does. Jesus could not hide himself from the crowd. The crowd followed him and He healed their diseases. When evening came, His disciples complained about the lack of food. They asked Jesus to send the crowd away but He said to them "…give them something to eat." He is an all compassionate God.

The people were hungry for Jesus. Their hunger for Him showed in their pursuit of Him defying their physical need for food and He provided. Have genuine hunger for the Lord and his word. The Lord has plenty, there is no lacking with Him. With the little that you have, the Lord would assist and multiply it. WHAT DO YOU HAVE?

The Lord is not intimidated by what you think is a problem. He is an able God (Matthew 5:18). He is able to redeem you from the challenges in your life. He has the ability to transform your “little” into “plenty”. God is your sufficiency. He is your “enough” and He is your supernatural.

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