November 13, 2016
Passage: Malachi 4: 1-2, 2 Thes 3:6-13, Luke 21:5-19
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Endurance is the capacity to withstand a situation or incident notwithstanding the hardships and setbacks that one faces. Being a Christian requires so many things including being able to stand for the principles of Jesus Christ. Sadly,  instead of people standing up for Christ, they have opted for the easy way out and Christians rather seek for riches and other worldly possessions.

From our readings today,  Good wants us to go into the world and win more souls for him through evangelism. In so doing we are working towards our personal salvation and preparing ourselves for his kingdom.

What do we see today? Out of the feat of the unknown, Christians have compromised their position and instead of seeking the good news as preached by Jesus Christ in order to be saved, they are chasing worldy procession.

We need to take a stand for Christ and follow his principles.

Jesus Christ has given us the Holy Spirit to guard and guide us and we must tap into that direction. It about time we stood firm to defend the word of God. Christians must not lose  grounds to worldly things. One day we will be called to account. Jesus will surely come. No matter what, we should be ready to give account of our lives here on earth.

God listens to our prayers, there is no need to patronise the service of lesser gods. When you pray, God will listen. We will account for every little thing we do own earth.

It is in your own interest to take a stand for Christ and endure to the very end.


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