January 12, 2020
Passage: Isaiah 40:28-31
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To soar implies the following;
1. To rise high in the air
2. To maintain height in the air without flapping your wings
3. To increase rapidly above the usual level

✓ Verse 31 of the scripture encourages us to trust in the Lord. To trust in the Lord means;
❖ To depend on Him
❖ To rely on Him
❖ To be convinced that God is able.

Benefits of Trusting in the Lord
✓ They shall renew their strength
✓ They will soar high on wings like the eagle
✓ They will run and not grow weary
✓ They will walk and not faint

Prayer Topics
❖ Begin to worship the Lord for the new year
❖ Pray for grace to wait for the Lord
❖ Pray for supernatural speed
❖ Pray for divine health
❖ Pray that you will soar higher this year
❖ Pray that every impossible situation will turn around for your good
❖ Lord, direct my way this year
❖ Prophecy into your life for this year

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