2021 Daily Words of Hope publication launched at JY Service.

We are a church that belives in Jesus christ and the followers and We are a church that belives in Jesus christ

To promote daily reading and study of the Bible among young people, the Hope Congregation has introduced and launched its daily devotional guide, the Daily Words of Hope to the JY service.

Published by the Hope Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the devotional aims at to provide a platform for readers to nourish their spiritual life through scriptures and dedicated topics throughout the year.

Launching the devotion, the 3rd Minister of the congregation, Rev Carl Henry Clerk encouraged the JY members to read the devotional regularly stressing that as they read, pray and study, they will experience and encounter God Inna special way.

“This devotional guide is something that when you position yourselves in, you will receive “Spiritual food” from God to enable you move throughout the day,” he said.

He said as they navigate through the book, it was important to take notes and make inputs which could be considered in subsequent publications.

Copies of the devotional guide was distributed to JY members.

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