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SAT. 20.03.2021



Most Christians are quick to acknowledge the importance of prayer. More specifically, most agree that we should faithfully pray for one another and for the church as a whole. But while we know that we should pray, the question is, do we? How often do we pray for one another and the church? As we read the contents of Paul’s prayers, it should encourage us to consider the kinds of prayers we pray and evaluate the content of our own prayers for the church and for one another.
The first part of Paul’s prayer for the Colossians is a prayer for knowledge. He wants them to be filled or completely full of the knowledge of God’s will. He wants the Colossians to know and understand the will of God so they can apply it and thereby walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him. Paul states four characteristics of a worthy walk in the Lord as follows;
i. Bearing Fruit in Every Good Work (vs. 10b): Those who are ‘walking worthy’ are those whose lives are marked by the fruit of good works ii. Growing in the Knowledge of God (vs. 10c) - The only way we are ever going to be people who are fully pleasing to God is to give ourselves completely to knowing Him. There is nothing that demands a higher priority than this. The primary way we grow in the knowledge of God is through the study of His Word iii. Strengthened by God for Endurance (vs. 11) – A life that is pleasing to God cannot be lived in one’s own strength; the strength must be supplied by God. It is only through His power that endurance is possible. iv. Thankful to God for His Work of Salvation (vv. 12-14) – The most basic characteristic of living a ‘worthy life’ is that the person is a part of God’s family. Along those lines, the person who walks worthy will be a person of gratitude for God’s work of salvation.
Paul’s example of prayer should cause us to evaluate both our commitment to praying as well as the content of our prayers. As we pray, we should desire that those around us and the church as a whole would grow in the knowledge of God’s will and in the ability to apply that knowledge to live a life worthy of the Lord.

• Lord, may I grow in the knowledge of the Lord.
• Lord, may I bear fruit in every good work.
• Lord, cause me to pray well.

Father, may I always remember to pray for the church in the name of Jesus. Amen


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