Former Senior Presbyter of Hope Congregation launches maiden book

We are a church that belives in Jesus christ and the followers and We are a church that belives in Jesus christ

A member of the Hope Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Sakomono-Estates and a Former Senior Presbyter of the Congregation, Mr Alfred Kwesi Opoku has launched his maiden book, “The Boneshaker Politician” at a colourful ceremony.
The 229-page book is an autobiography of Mr Alfred Kwesi Opoku. It narrates the events in the life of the author in three parts. The first part deals with his faith, the second, his interests and lastly, his family.
In the book, he narrates how he gave his life to Christ in a dramatic way while travelling in a wooden truck, popularly known as a boneshaker. He also recounts how the Lord used him by way of evangelism and church building and his involvement in an uncompromising undercover politics in the church. The author also touched on his foray and experiences as a Christian in partisan politics and raises questions as to whether exhortations to get Christians involved in active politics is enough.
In his foreword to the book, a Minister of the gospel and former Sakumono District Minister of the PCG, Rev. Gideon Buernor Puplampu said the author, like all humans with interest pin-pointed his interests and pursued them with such commitment even to the extent of almost jeopardising his Christian testimony.
“We learn from his experience that, yes, the evangelical Christian would participate in politics at the grassroots and at the national level but if he does that as an individual, he is bound to fail and compromise his faith if he dares to win at al cost”
To Rev. Puplampu, the import of the lesson is that “we must participate in politics as a team of Christians. A team made up of advisors, sponsors, leaders, contestants, campaigners, communities etc, else we are bound to compromise at one or several of the many borders that the systems places before those who participate. Yes, it can be done but only as a team together” he said.
Mr Elijah Yaw Danso said the book among others is filled with life lessons occasionally delivered amidst humor, witty language and strains of natives wisdom stressing that it is a must-read book.
The author in his comment prior to the launch said he had always nurtured the desire to write but not certain on what to write on. He indicated that with that in mind, he kept a diary of his life.
He indicated that the urge to write became stronger when he relocated to Accra and particularly in the Hope Congregation.
Mr Opoku said on one of his preaching duties, at Community 3 PCG, the then Senior Presbyter, Mr Kwasi Asamoah Martinson approached him and admonished him to write a book because “you have a simple way of presenting complex issues”
He said back at Hope Congregation, he made a presentation one evening during a fasting and prayer week programme, he was approached by a retired banker and a member of the church Mr Elis Abbew who told him, “Mr Opoku, if you were my teacher, I would never fail any of your papers, you make things very clear and simple,”
The final push, he said came from his son, Emmanuel who also impressed on him to write a book. All these admonishings culminated in the maiden book.
Mr Fred Larbi, CEO of Digibooks, publishers of the book called on Ghanaians to write their memoirs in order to teach future generations their contribution to nation building.
The first copy of the book was sold for GH c 5,000.00 and was bought by the joint co-chairpersons, Mr Percy Asare Ansah, CEO of Premier Health Insurance and Kingsley Ansah, General Services Manager, GOIL. Present at the launch was the Sakumono District Minister of the PCG, Rev Emmanuel Obeng Ntow, Rev. K.K Sarpong, Mr Sammy Amegayibor, of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), and Rockson Dogbega – Chairman of the construction subsector of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), among other guests. 

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