On 5th May, 2013, the Church commenced another milestone of validating the data of its membership. The    Coordinator in Charge of the exercise, Mr. David Ofori Atta indicated that, ‘yearly registration of members commenced from the beginning of the year. He further added that, over the years, retrieving information from the registration books has become increasingly difficult. In order to improve upon data retrieval, Session agreed to capture the bio-data of church members electronically. Church Power Plus, a church management software was purchased and being used for the exercise’.


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Session members had earlier on gone through the process and validated the status of all. It was the turn of congregation today to go through the continue every Sunday and end on the 26th of May. Afterward all registration issues will be address at the church office.rocess. Even though, some members who we spoke to, indicated they could not find their names, a lot of the church members were glad to go through the exercise and had confirmed their data. Mr. Ofori Atta said, the exercise will


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