HOPE Congregation holds valedictory service for Rev. Kennedy Kofi Asante Sarpong

We are a church that belives in Jesus christ and the followers and We are a church that belives in Jesus christ

2c3f0673bef6f3b0edaba86e498af29eA valedictory service has been held for Rev. Kennedy Kofi Asante Sarpong who is proceeding on transfer to the Redemption Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, New Gbawe after a three year stay at the HOPE Congregation as a second minister. The farewell service full of emotions from both the congregation and the departing Minister accompanied by his wife and three daughters. The service was also characterized by singing and dancing in appreciation of dedicated duty rendered.

Rev. Asante Sarpong in his valedictory speech expressed appreciation to the District Session and all the congregations in the Sakumono District of the PCG with special mentioning the Manet and Kotobabi Number Two Congregations for their support during his stay immerse.

He also acknowledged all Ministers, Catechists and their sessions, District Coordinators as well as the District Office staff for the encouragement offered him during his tenure as a Minister of the Gospel.

Rev. Asante Sarpong who was posted by the General Assembly Council to the Hope Congregation in September 2012 and received to the Manse as a Second Minster on December 23, 2012 was full of praise to the session and members of the HOPE Congregation for the cooperation he enjoyed. He stated “Words alone will not be enough. As a Church, you have taken GOOD care of us, provided all that we humanely needed. Your spiritual gifts and various Ministries has blessed us beyond measure and we cannot cease to sing your praises wherever we go.”

He described the session of the HOPE Congregation as a family to him, emphasizing that he would sorely miss each and every one of them especially for their counsel and unwavering support throughout his stay. “This session has family love that can be felt and realized. May you and your families be blessed.” He proclaimed.

Rev. Asante Sarpong therefore commended all past and current members and executives of the various generational and non-generational groups as well as the administration and supporting staff for making him and his family’s stay a successful one. On behalf of his family, Rev Asante Sarpong sought the forgiveness of members if they have in any way offended anybody in the course of stay. “…… know that it was not intentional, it may have happened because of the advancement of the Word of God.” He said.

Rev. Asante Sarpong who themed his last sermon at the HOPE Congregation as “The Melchizedek Blessings” proclaimed blessings on the Congregation and wished them well in all their endeavors. A documentary of his life with the church was screen which brought more emotion.

After his calling and training, the General Assembly Council of the PCG posted Rev. Asante Sarpong to the Hope Congregation where he served his probation for two years under Rev William Quaye, then the District Minister and now Ga Presbytery Clerk. After his ordination, he served one year with Rev. Rev. Stephen Nii Lankwei Lawson together with Revs. Sylvia Awura Akua Ofori-Amoako and Akua Appiah Ansah, Catechists Cynthia Lomotey, Elvis Aboagye, Salomay Matey Johnson and Monica Aba Otoo. He has been posted to the Redemption Congregation in the Ga Presbytery as a Minister.

As part of the valedictory service, members 15th Tema Boys and Girls Brigade Companies of the Hope Congregation which has enjoyed tremendous support from Rev. Asante Sarpong mounted a special parade in honor of him and his family.

Pictures of the event could be viewed from the church facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.970648156326566.1073741894.191768607547862&type=1&l=d0a2f58b83

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