HOPE Congregation host 2015 Ga Presbytery synod

We are a church that belives in Jesus christ and the followers and We are a church that belives in Jesus christ

Hope Congregation of the Presbyterian of Ghana on Sunday, April 19, 215 hosted the opening session of the 2015 Annual Presbytery Synod of the Ga Presbytery of the Church.

The service drew together Ministers of the gospel as well as delegates to worship God, reflect on the church’s activity over the past year and seek clearer and better way of doing things.

It will also witness the election of a new Chairperson of the Presbytery with the expiration of the five year tenure of the current Chairperson of Presbytery, Rev. Dr. Godwin Nii Noi Odonkor.


Rev. Dr. Odonkor who preached on the theme, ‘Christ, open our minds’, He prayed that Jesus Christ should open the minds of all Ghanaians so we may people may not be swayed by empty political talk, however well it it presented to Ghanaians.

Rev. Dr. Odonkor said in the midst of fear, misunderstanding and confusion, Jesus stood among his disciples, after the resurrection and pronounce peace, he said today, people live in a challenging world and in the midst of all the turmoil and conflict around them, Jesus is ready to pronounce his peace on us.

‘Many in our society today are singing songs of despair, fear, violence. There are still many victims of rape, armed robbery and those in economic challenges who are singing the familiar tune of despair. For such people, The Lord says Peace,” he said adding that “my prayer is that the peace that Jesus gives should touch our lives, our homes and our nation.

On national development, has stated that the church and the religious community will continue to speak out and to offer constructive on issue of governance irrespective of the backlash and abuse from politicians.

“Today, there are people, especially, some politicians who think that the church should not involve herself in politics. I beg to differ. As a church, we have been called to serve the whole interest of humanity, the spiritual an done material.”

“Over the year’s the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has contributed immensely to the socio-economic development of Ghana. We have so many schools, hospitals and agricultural stations. When we build schools and hospitals the government is happy, but when we talk about how schools and hospitals are run and also about bad and sloppy political leadership, then the government turns round to berate the Church.”

“If politics is about the well being of the citizenry, then the church must do politics. Perhaps what what the church must refrain from doing is partisan politics and identifying with one political party and one color. The church must speak about bad leadership and be the conscious of the society. If the church should keep quite, them we are doomed’ he said

“Unfortunately, there is too much talk and little action. Our democracy has been reduced to a shouting bouton radio and television, Political leaders behave as if they have been elected in to office to talk and not to do,” he said.

As part of the synod, a study material produced and published by the Ga Presbytery for the Junior Youth. Again a magazine for the Presbytery known as the Rainbow was also launched. The magazine tells the story of the church and ministry in retrospect.

The first copy was auctioned for GHc 1,100 and bought by the HOPE Congregation.

Some individuals were also honoured for their dedication and commitment to the work of the Presbytery. Among them were Rev William Quaye, immediate past Sakumono District Minister and currently clerk of Ga Presbytery and Mr. Percy Ansah, a member of the Hope Congregation.

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