Mr Yaw Amoyaw-Osei, a member of HOPE Congregation, heads International Organisation

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Ap2tyqoHog1IdjsqbOsbzTddLFAbTeSLHTbq8aEbn_g0A member of the HOPE Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Sakumono-Estates, Mr Yaw Amoyaw-Osei has been elected as the In-coming President of the International Association for Impact Assessment Ghana(IAIA)

Mr Amoyaw-Osei has been a long serving members of the Hope Congregation and served on various committees of the church.

A congratulatory message published in the Daily Graphic of Friday, April 17, 2015 states that IAIA is a leading multi-disciplinary global network of professionals on best practices in the use of Impact Assessment for informed decision making on policies, plans and projects from over 120 nations.

These include corporate organizations, consultants, international and multilateral financial Institutions, Governance Regulators, Researchers/ Academia etc

The publication said IAIA provides leadership in emerging global trends in Impact Assessment, continuously developing best practices and standards, as well as promoting the participation of young professionals and next generations of practitioners.

The IAIA is Head Quartered in North Dakota, United States of America with the Canada Office in Ottawa, Ontario.

Ghana is an Affiliate of IAIA and they among other things maintain a professional relationship with institutions such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Provides training and attachment opportunities for its young professionals and student members, support corporate members, with discount on fees and charges for services rendered and maintains a visible presence of IA practitioners and peer review of members’ work for quality.

Mr. Amoyaw-Osei is married to Mrs Elizabeth Amoyaw-Osei and together with the family fellowship and take active part in church activities.

HOPE News On behalf of the entire congregation of HOPE and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana extend our congratulations to Mr Amoyaw-Osei

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  1. Pascal Kwabla Ayanu

    congratulations Mr. Amoyaw-Osei. May the Good Lord keep you and rescue you from any evil dat shall befall thee or thy family due fo this position. May He lavish on you knowledge and understanding together with wisdom to rule.


    Reaching to this milestone wasn’t an easy task. But you did it. My heartiest congratulations

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