Sakumono Presby holds induction service for Rev Daniel Amoako Nyarko

We are a church that belives in Jesus christ and the followers and We are a church that belives in Jesus christ

Rev. Daniel Amoako Nyarko, was on Sunday, January 23, 2022 inducted into office as the new Sakumono District Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Rev Nyarko, the immediate past Chairperson of the Ga West Presbytery, succeeds Rev Emmanuel Obeng Ntow who is now the District Minister for Tema North District of the Church whose tenure ended on August 31, 2021.

At a ceremony attended by the rank and file of the leadership of the PCG in the Ga Presbytery as well as family members and well-wishers. The Chairperson of the Ga Presbytery, Rev. Doctor Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye, who conducted the induction service, called on Christians to allow the Holy Spirit to use them to do exploits.

Preaching the sermon on the theme; “Words of Life” and with the anchor text from Luke 4:14-21, Rev. Doctor Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye said every Christian preacher, leader, or any member of the band of Jesus Christ, is called to do nothing else but work with the Prophetic Manifesto of Jesus.

Rev. Dr Kwakye said; “You have been called as a Minister, primarily to proclaim good news to those who are poor materially, and those who are poor spiritually. We believe that you ministry in this place must transform their lives”

Recounting, the inductee’s years of experience in the ministry in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev Dr Kwakye said Rev Nyarko has opportunity to change the situation of the people whom he finds in the district and congregations, adding “may you preach good news to the poor”

He said the new district minister has been called to lead his people to be delivered from captivity to sin, guilt and to Satan and urged the new district minister to develop the courage to speak the truth of Jesus Christ because it is only the word of God that brings life.

He said the Ga Presbytery recognizes Rev Nyarko’s several gifts, experiences, and talents and therefore happy to have him as Resident Minister of Hope Congregation as well as District Minister for the Sakumono District of the PCG.

He applauded Rev Nyarko for the pioneering role as the first Presbytery Chairperson for Ga West and expressed the hope that impact would be felt in this new appointment. Rev Dr Kwakye admonished the new District Minister to bring his experience in the ministry as well as to rely only on the power and guidance of God in the discharge of his duties and mandate as the chief servant of the District.

He called on the District Session Council, and officers as well as members of the church in both the District and the local congregation to give their maximum cooperation and support to the new District Minister so that together they could work and achieve much and also lift the image of the church in the Presbytery and Country for the glory of God.

Rev. Solomon Nii Mensah Adjei, Clerk of the Ga Presbytery, read the life history of the new District Minister.

Rev.  Nyarko, who in May this year will commemorate his 32nd anniversary since his ordination, took his vows and reaffirmed his faith in the work of God.

He outlined three things under his leadership he would want the church to pursue to overcome a world full of wickedness, disaster, corruption, Satanism.

He said the church has been endowed by the Lord with a number of resources and called on congregants in the district to support his administration to identify all the active and latent resources of the church, consciously and religiously manage these resources God has given the church in Sakumono District and multiply these resources in order to reach out to perishing souls and bring them to the marvelous light of the Lord.

“I pledge that I will play my role as a son of the light and a messenger of the light and I will shine and go out and tell people that there is light for them,” he said

The Ga Presbytery Council Members, the Sakumono District Session Council, Senior Presbyter of the Hope Congregation, Mrs Vivian Danso-Dodoo, group executives, family and friends then congratulated the Minister and his spouse on their new course.

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