June 20, 2021
Passage: Genesis 18: 22-33
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Since creation, the effort and the support of men in the expansion of the kingdom business cannot be overemphasized. History tells us that there have been many men of God who have contributed to the growth of the church across the world but in recent times it appears that a few men who are into full-time ministry make many see the work of God as secondary to the provision of water, shelter and the growth in our career.

Today, as we celebrate fathers, we want to use the example of Abraham to pledge and remind ourselves of the duties that are required of us as partners in the Kingdom business. From the reading, we realise that Abraham was an entrepreneur, a father and an intercessor. As an entrepreneur, in Genesis 12, when Abraham was called to go into the land that God was showing him, the bible made us understand that Abram as he was known then had made it and was very rich but he heeded the call although he had the chance to refuse the call. How many of us are ready to set aside our careers and listen to God. Sometimes, for fear of the unknown, we forget about God entirely.

As we climb higher in our career, or as our private businesses expand, time becomes a very expensive commodity for us and one of the things we are first to put aside is the time we spend with the lord. Because Abram obeyed God, even in the period of famine when he found himself in Egypt, he still flourished as God continued to open doors for him due to his obedience and he built altars to honour God.

Like Abram, we need to honour God and celebrate major milestones with God and express our appreciation to him for the blessings he gives us. When God blesses you, we need to offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving to show our appreciation. God is expecting that for men that he wants to use we should be prepared to participate in the work of God.

Abraham as a father
One of the many challenges men face is issues surrounding fatherhood. Fatherhood in modern times has now become very challenging for all. For many men, because of the fact that we are looking to give our family and children good education and wealth, all our attention is focused on that. However, the truth is when these children grow, they are not going to remember us for the food fathers gave them, estates that they stayed in, it will be about the lessons of life that they have acquired from their fathers to guard them. Provision of food and water is our basic responsibility but that does not make one a father. We need to be able to train and raise our children in a way of the Lord as God’s chosen men.

In Genesis 22, we read about the planned sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham for which Abraham was prepared to execute that task on the instruction of God. Abraham was able to exact complete compliance from Isaac who did not challenge the actions of his father. As fathers, we should be able to train our children to be obedient. The lord is calling men if we want Him to use us for his work, must become good fathers. Let us not use the exigencies of time to derelict our responsibilities as fathers and allow our children to grow in the way they want.

As men, even though God has opened his hands to receive us and to work with us, fatherhood is a must for all.

As an intercessor, Abraham went beyond the basic responsibility. The responsibilities of men of our time are not only the provision of shelter, food and school fees. For men who God wants to use, we should become the spiritual heads of our homes, counsel and pray for our children. We need to constantly engage God through prayer.

In Genesis 18: 22-33, we are told of how the compassionate Abraham interceded for the people of Sodom. And save them. That is what God is expecting from all men to intercede without having any negative tendencies towards the people we pray for.

We can also become like Abraham and intercede for our family, friends and the church. As Christians and men, if we stay in touch with the Lord our families, businesses, church, society will be spared.

Abraham's interaction with the Lord shows a certain level of connection and affiliation with God which had been established over a period of time and for us, it is important that we cultivate a personal relationship with God.

Irrespective of the situation we find ourselves in, if we stand and intercede, God can turn things around because we have that intimacy with God. We can also become like Abraham and intercede for our family, friends and the church.

We are being called to stand up as men to intercede for our family and friends. We are not only to provide for the physical needs of our families and friends but to devote time to God and pray

In conclusion, our work and career path should not be the reason for apathy towards God's work. Again, like Abraham, it is the leadership to bring up our children in the way of the Lord that will make a difference in their lives. Lastly, we should become the lead intercessors for our families, friends and the Church and through us, God will make a change in the life of our families, church and society.


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