September 8, 2013
Passage: Deuteronomy 30:15-2


Deuteronomy means the second giving of the law, the Hebrew book of posterity, vrs16 Moses Joshua and Jesus affirm this. Moses called on them to make a personal decision Deut. 30:16. Moses said, "Obey the Lord today so you will prosper", Joshua 24:15a. Joshua said, "Choose today the Lord you will serve". Joshua repeated the call: Jos. 24:15a. Jesus made it clear, John 3:16 Believe in the Lord and have eternal life.

Deut. 30:19 Today you and your posterity, the sin you commit today can affect your posterity, Joshua 24:15b. The new dispensation of grace through Christ works on condition that the children break away from evil, John 3:16. The grace is there, but you need to break through. Which choice do you prefer? Solomon's fear Ecl 2:17-19 or Jacob's prayer Gen 48:15-16? In conclusion, your future and that of your posterity lies in your hands. God is here to bless you today.


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