June 9, 2019
Passage: Deut. 11: 18-21, Acts 2: 1-2, 42-47, Matt. 28: 18-20
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Who is a disciple?
A disciple is someone who follows another person and learning from him/her.

Key features of discipleship.
Discipleship is learning and modelling of lifestyle. A true and good discipleship is learning from a person of authority. It is a task that requires power and authority to execute it. Discipleship is also a lifelong process of becoming and helping others to become

Why are we called to make Disciples?
First of all, per the great commission, as captured in (Matt. 28:19), it is a command of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the greatest task He commissioned us to handle. He had received authority from the Father for the establishment of the kingdom (of believers). As Christians, we are commissioned to bring this good news to all and help bring them to the kingdom.

How are we to execute this Mission Mandate?
This mission can be executed by Christians through teaching and learning of His Word.
We must start by fixing our heart and mind on the word of God. Again, Our desires and how we perceive things should be in line with the word of God – Deut. 11:18.
We must tie it as a symbol on our hand and our forehead. The word of God should guide our relationship and our appearance – Deut. 11:18.
We must allow it guide our conversation – Deut. 11:19
We must allow it to be the very identity of our abode – Deut. 11:20
We must teach it to our children first and foremost – Deut. 11:19

Actions expected of Christians
Teaching of the word of God in the church – Acts 2:42
Fellowship of the believers giving encouragement to each other
Breaking of Bread (communion)
Corporate and Personal Prayer
Demonstration of the power of God through miracles and wonders.
Unity and working towards the common goal of discipleship
Seeking the welfare of all the members
Praising of God in Worship

The word of God had the power to preserve our life into eternity – Deut. 11:21. Others are saved and added to the church - Acts 2:47

Discipleship is a life long process of learning and living the word of God. It is also a commission mandate giving to every other disciple to also make disciples. We have no excuse not to start now if we are not already doing it.

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