Two HOPE Congregation Members elected as Sakumono District YPG Executives

We are a church that belives in Jesus christ and the followers and We are a church that belives in Jesus christ


Kwabena Antwi-Agyei commonly known as Schino was elected District Organizer of the Sakumono District YPG. This took place over the weekend (Saturday, 25th May 2013) at The Most Holy Trinity Congregation. Mr. Antwi-Agyei pulled 11 votes out of the 17 delegates. Other executives elected were Mr. Ebenezer Oppong from the HOPE Congregation who was elected as the District Secretary with the Assistant Secretary going to Mr. Nakuor Nanor of The Most Holy Congregation. The final position was the District Protocol which went to Mr. Francis Abbey of the Most Holy Trinity Congregation.


The District 2nd Annual Delegates Conference was themed ‘’The Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church Today’’. At the end of the Congress, members agree on the following recommendations (1) YPG Anthem should be sung at all YPG meetings as well as Presby hymns (2) Programmes from the District should be incorporated into the local programmes (3) Witness Box should be fixed in our district and local programmes. Delegates also voted and accepted a motion of monthly 10GH payment by all locals. This is to serve as funding for the district coffers.

After closing the Conference, the newly elected District Organizer led the members to sing the YPG Anthem and admonished all YPG members to learn the anthem and live their lives according to the words of the anthem:

To know His will and to do it
This the motto of YPG
God be our help, God bless our Church
Under His banner may all youth unite (2x)

Rally, Rally his banner it bids you one and all
With soul, with might and body
To serve the King of Kings
Join hands with YPG, All youth within the Church
To know His will and to do it

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