Boys and Girls Brigade Officers of Hope Congregation attend retreat.

We are a church that belives in Jesus christ and the followers and We are a church that belives in Jesus christ

Officers of the Boys and Girls Brigade of the Hope Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana on Saturday, November 24 attended a one day retreat. The programme forms part of a series being organised by the session of the church to revive the Boys and Girls Brigade of the church.

The Resident Minister, Rev. Emmanuel Obeng-Ntow who led the sessions spoke on effective leadership and its impact on an institution.

He said among other things a leader is a person who has vision, who is disciplined able to order his or steps at all times, full of wisdom and able to seek counsel from others.

He added that a leader must have courage and the willingness to persevere even in times of adversity. Rev Obeng-Ntow who is also the Sakumono District Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana said a leader must be humble and an effective listener, a team player and develop good friendship since no one can make it alone.

He further stressed that a successful relationship is built on mutual respect. A national executive of the Boys Brigade, Mr S. M Otu charged the officers of the Boys and Girls Brigade to work hard and desire to build a positive image for the group.

Mr Otu also advice the officers to build a good rapport with leadership of the church in order to promote the activities of the group.

He said the main objectives of the brigade were to advance the Kingdom of Christ among the children and to cultivate the habit of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect as well as help members become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life.

He called for commitment and dedication which are major requirements in training up members of the Brigade.

The Boys and Girls Brigade is a paramilitary youth organisation in the church that combines combine drill and fun activities with Christian values.

The group features prominently in a number of religious activities including induction services, farewell services, fundraising events, music festivals and other special events. They also provide brass band music during processions and other related events organized not only by the Hope Congregation but also other sister branches within and outside the Sakumono District.

The group engage themselves in bible studies, prayer meetings, firefighting, hiking, camp meeting, expeditions, cleanups

, first aid treatments, just to mention a few.

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